Resume Writing Tips

The Writing Tips

 1. Do not include a photograph of yourself dressed casually and /or with disheveled/windblown hair. In your photograph, you should be dressed professionally in a shirt/blouse with collar.

 2. Instead of giving your date of birth, you should state your age and put your DOB in brackets (this saves the interviewer time in figuring out your age)

 3. Make sure you can be easily reached by the number you provide – do not make your potential employer work overtime having to reach you at night.

 4. E-mail address given should not be fanciful like LOTR@hotmail.com or Dracula666@yahoo.com. It should preferably have your name on it.

 5. Use a font size of between 11 and 12 for text, and typical business letters typeface such as Times New Roman or Arial, nothing fanciful.

 6. Do not use too many colours or loud colours – words should be in black, with headings in blue at most.

 7. Include your hobbies and leisure interests, but take note that these should hopefully reflect you positively to the potential employer. In other words, mention reading of business magazines, self-improvement books, but not karaoke singing or watching soap operas on TV.